Ting Tings, The - Sounds From Nowheresville (Deluxe)

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Ting Tings, The - Sounds From Nowheresville (Deluxe) (cover)
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27 Février 2012
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Ting Tings, The

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Sounds From Nowheresville

1. Silence
2. Hit Me Down Sonny
3. Hang It Up
4. Give It Back
5. Guggenheim
6. Soul Killing
7. One By One
8. Day To Day
9. Help
10. In Your Life
11. Silence (Bag Raiders Remix)
12. Hang It Up (Inertia Remix)
13. Give It Back (Demo)
14. Hang It Up (Abacus & Vargas 'Predator' Remix)
15. Hands
16. Guggenheim (Got It Right Mix)
17. Hang It Up (Shook Remix)
18. Ain't Got Shit
19. Hang It Up (CKB Remix)