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Phantom Posse - Forever Underground (Indie Vinyl) (LP)

Phantom Posse - Forever Underground (Indie Vinyl) (LP)
20,50 €
20 maart 2020
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Forever Underground
Phantom Posse

New York collective Phantom Posse, lead by producer and songwriter Eric Littmann, return with their new album “Forever Underground”. Eric Littmann has spent much of the past decade releasing under the monikers Steve Sobs and Phantom Power as well as producing acclaimed records by artists such as Julie Byrne, Yohuna, Emily Yacina, GABI and many others. New album “Forever Underground” is the most recent entry in this undulating series, with its title nodding to the project’s unapologetically nostalgic leanings and also quite literally to the homages woven within that reference elusive NYC graffiti artists and their concrete subjects.