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Johnson, Jack - En Concert

Johnson, Jack - En Concert (cover)
18,00 €
Johnson,jack - En Concert
23 October 2009
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En Concert
Tracklist Product: 

1. Belle / Banana Pancakes (Live In Paris, France/2008)
2. If I Had Eyes (Live At The K¿kua Festival, Honolulu, Hawaii/2008)
3. Do You Remember / Remember (Live In Santa Barbara, California/2008)
4. Sleep Through The Static (Live In Paris, France/2008)
5. Flake (Live At Outside Lands, San Francisco, California/2008)
6. Bubble Toes / Express Yourself (Live At Outside Lands, San Francisco, California/2008)
7. Wasting Time (Live In George, Washington/2008)
8. What You Thought You Need (Live At K¿kua Festival, Honolulu, Hawaii/2008)
9. Country Road (Live In Santa Barbara, California/2008)
10. Staple It Together (Live In San Diego, California/2008)
11. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (Live In Barcelona, Spain/2008)
12. Constellations (Live At Bonnaroo, Manchester, Tennessee/2008)
13. The Horizon Has Been Defeated / Mother and Child Reunion (Live At Bonnaroo, Manchester, Tennessee/2008)
14. Good People (Live At Bonnaroo, Manchester, Tennessee/2008)
15. All At Once (Live In Barcelona, Spain/2008)
16. Gone (Live In Morrisson, Colorado/2008)
17. Home (Live At The K¿kua Festival, Honolulu, Hawaii)
18. Times Like These (Live In Santa Barbara, California/2008)
19. Angel / Better Together (Live In Paris, France/2008)