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Girls In Hawaii - Hello Strange (Live)

Girls In Hawaii - Hello Strange (Live)
14,00 €
14 november 2014
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Hello Strange (live)
Girls In Hawaii

After their big return with “Everest”, GIRLS IN HAWAII is back with a REVISITED LIVE RECORD Entitled “Hello Strange”

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Ever since Nirvana performed their famous MTV unplugged, going acoustic has become a ritual for every rock band. Most of them only stripped the electricity away and played the songs in the exact same way with acoustic guitars. A no-brainer for Girls In Hawaii, real craftsmen when it comes to arranging songs. The band has explored acoustic territories before. When invited for a one-off show at Le Botanique, they rehearsed for 8 days straight and reshaped more than 10 of their songs. By reinventing the tracks, using crystal glasses, an Indian harmonium and brass instruments, every member of the band pushed their instrumental skills even further.