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Elbow - Live At Jordell Bank (2CD+DVD)

Elbow - Live At Jordell Bank (2CD+DVD) (cover)
21,00 €
25 november 2013
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Live At Jordell Bank+dvd

Elbow’s first-ever live release, “Live At Jodrell Bank” consists of 2CD and a DVD covering the entire performance at the Cheshire Observatory (Auguust 2012) and a documentary of the event by long standing collaborators The Soup Collective, featuring exclusive interviews with the band and backstage footage.

Tracklist Product: 

1. High Ideals (Live At Jodrell Bank)
2. The Bones Of You (Live At Jodrell Bank)
3. Station Approach (Live At Jodrell Bank)
4. lippy kids (live at jodrell bank / 2012)
5. Leaders Of The Free World (Live At Jodrell Bank)
6. grounds for divorce (live at jodrell bank / 2012)
7. The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver (Live At Jodrell Bank)
8. The Night Will Always Win (Live At Jodrell Bank)
9. Starlings (Live At Jodrell Bank)
10. Mirrorball (Live At Jodrell Bank)
11. Weather To Fly (Live At Jodrell Bank)
12. open arms (live at jodrell bank / 2012)
13. Scattered Black And Whites (Live At Jodrell Bank)
14. The Birds (Live At Jodrell Bank)
15. One Day Like This (Live At Jodrell Bank)
16. elbow: live at jodrell bank (documentary)
17. Bonus (Live At Jodrell Bank)

1. high ideals (live at jodrell bank)
2. the bones of you (live at jodrell bank)
3. station approach (live at jodrell bank)
4. lippy kids (live at jodrell bank)
5. leaders of the free world (live at jodrell bank)
6. grounds for divorce (live at jodrell bank)
7. the loneliness of a tower crane driver (live at jodrell bank)
8. the night will always win (live at jodrell bank)

1. starlings (live at jodrell bank)
2. mirrorball (live at jodrell bank)
3. weather to fly (live at jodrell bank)
4. open arms (live at jodrell bank)
5. scattered black and whites (live at jodrell bank)
6. the birds (live at jodrell bank)
7. one day like this (live at jodrell bank)