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Cure - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (2CD)

20,50 €
5 July 2012
Niet op voorraad

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Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
Tracklist Product: 

CD 1
1. The Kiss
2. Catch
3. Torture
4. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
5. Why Can't I Be You? -Album Version
6. How Beautiful You Are
7. Snakepit
8. Hey You
9. Just Like Heaven -Album Version
10. All I Want
11. Hot Hot Hot!!!
12. One More Time
13. Like Cockatoos
14. Icing Sugar
15. Perfect Girl
16. A Thousand Hours
17. Shiver and Shake
18. Fight

CD 2
1. The Kiss -Robert Smith Home Demo
2. The Perfect Girl -Studio Demo
3. Like Cockatoos -Studio Demo
4. All I Want -Studio Demo
5. Hot Hot Hot!!! -Studio Demo
6. Shiver and Shake -Studio Demo
7. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep -Studio Demo
8. Just Like Heaven -Studio Demo
9. Hey You! -Studio Demo
10. A Thousand Hours -Studio Alternative Mix
11. Icing Sugar -Studio Alternative Mix
12. One More Time -Studio Alternative Mix
13. How Beautiful You Are -Live Bootleg
14. The Snakepit -Live Bootleg
15. Catch -Live Bootleg
16. Torture -Live Bootleg
17. Fight -Live Bootleg
18. Why Can't I Be You? -Live Bootleg