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Brutus - Live In Ghent (Orange Vinyl) (2LP)

27,00 €
23 oktober 2020
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Live In Ghent

One of the most exciting live bands in the world, Belgian 3-piece BRUTUS, will release a brand new live record 'Live In Ghent' on October 23rd through Hassle Records. Capturing this incendiary outfit in their hometown of Ghent in front of 750 of their most die hard fans at this special, sold out show, is seen by the band as a way to balance out the fact a year of touring has been taken away from them and all musicians. With an album cover depicting Peters (Mulders, bass guitar) step-son, who wrote out their set-list on the night of the recorded show, 'Live In Ghent' goes some way to giving fans a taste of what they have missed in 2020 thanks to the ceasing of actual live shows.

Tracklist Product: 

1. Fire (Live) 2. Cemetery (Live) 3. Horde Ii (Live) 4. Drive (Live) 5. War (Live) 6. Justice De Julia Ii (Live) 7. Child (Live) 8. Space (Live) 9. Techno (Live) 10. Distance (Live) 11. All Along (Live) 12. Sugar Dragon (Live) 13. Baby Seal (Live)