Waters, Roger - Soldier's Tale (2LP)

Waters, Roger - Soldier's Tale (2LP)
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30 november 2018
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Waters, Roger

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Soldier's Tale (2LP)
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LP 1
1. The Soldiers March
2. The Soldier is Tired
3. Airs By a Stream
4. As You Can Hear
5. The Soldiers March (Reprise)
6. Eventually, Joseph Reaches His Home Village
7. Pastorale
8. The Soldier, Disconsolate
9. Pastorale, Reprise
10. The Soldier, Slowly Coming Back To Himself
11. Airs By a Stream (Reprise): To Stretch Out On the Grass
12. Hey Satan, You Bastard
13. Airs By a Stream (2nd Reprise)
14. Nowt To Be Gained Here

LP 2
1. The Soldiers March (2nd Reprise): Down a Hot and Dusty Track
2. He Doesn't Even Know Himself
3. The Soldiers March, (3nd Reprise): Will He Take the Road To
4. He Doesn't Have a Home Anymore
5. The Royal March 02:38
6. So All Was Arranged
7. Later That Night
8. The Little Concert: Light Floods the Eastern Sky
9. The Soldier, With a Confident Air
10. Three Dances: Tango
11. Three Dances: Waltz
12. Three Dances: Ragtime
13. So First a Tango
14. The Devil's Dance
15. The Devil, Confused
16. The Little Chorale
17. The Devil Recovers Some of His Wits
18. The Devil's Song: All Right! You'll Be Safe At Home
19. Hm, a Fair Warning
20. Grand Chorale (Part 1)
21. Spring, Summer, Autumn
22. Grand Chorale (Part 2
23. Steady Now
24. Grand Chorale (Part 3)
25. Steady, Just Smell the Flowers
26. Grand Chorale (Part 4)
27. Now I Have Everything
28. Grand Chorale (Part 5)
29. The Princess, All Excited
30. Grand Chorale (Part 6)
31. And So, Off They Go
32. Triumphal March of the Devil