Watchmen (OST) (Opaque Yellow Vinyl) (LP)

Watchmen (OST) (Opaque Yellow Vinyl) (LP)
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22 juni 2018
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Watchmen (OST) (Opaque Yellow Vinyl) (LP)
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A1. Rescue Mission
A2. Don't Get Too Misty Eyed
A3. Tonight The Comedian Died
A4. Silk Spectre
A5. We'll Live Longer
A6. You Quit!
A7. Only Two Names Remain
A8. The American Dream
A9. Edward Blake - The Comedian
A10. The Last Laugh
B1. Prison Fight
B2. Just Look Around You
B3. Dan's Apocalyptic Dream
B4. Who Murdered Hollis Mason?
B5. What About Janie Slater?
B6. I'll Tell You About Rorschach
B7. Countdown
B8. It Was Me
B9. All That Is Good
B10. Requiem
B11. I Love You