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Washington, Kamasi - Heaven & Earth (5LP)

28,00 €
22 June 2018
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Heaven & Earth (4LP)
Washington, Kamasi

'The Choice' disc is hidden in the middle of the packaging, under a corrugated seam. The seam must be cut open to access the hidden disc.

Tracklist Product: 

LP 1 & 2: Earth
A1. Fists Of Fury
A2. Can You Hear Him
B3. Hub-Tones
B4. Connections
C5. Tiffakonkae
C6. The Invincible Youth
D7. Testify
D8. One Of One

LP 3 & 4: Heaven
E1. The Space Travelers Lullaby
E2. Vi Lua Vi Sol
F3. Street Fighter Mas
F4. Song For The Fallen
G5. Journey
G6. The Psalmnist
H7. Show Us The Way
H8. Will You Sing

LP 5: The Choice (Bonus LP)
I1. The Secret Of Jinsinson
I2. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
J3. My Family
J4. Agents Of Multiverse
J5. Ooh Child