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Washington, Kamasi - Heaven & Earth (3CD)

Washington, Kamasi - Heaven & Earth (3CD)
16,00 €
22 juni 2018
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Heaven & Earth (3CD)
Washington, Kamasi

Third CD "The Choice" is situated in the middle section of the foldout cover, which needs to be cut open to give access to this 'hidden' part of the release.

Tracklist Product: 

CD 1: Earth
1. Fists Of Fury
2. Can You Hear Him
3. Hub-Tones
4. Connections
5. Tiffakonkae
6. The Invincible Youth
7. Testify
8. One Of One

CD 2: Heaven
1. The Space Travelers Lullaby
2. Vi Lua Vi Sol
3. Street Fighter Mas
4. Song For The Fallen
5. Journey
6. The Psalmnist
7. Show Us The Way
8. Will You Sing

CD 3: The Choice (Hidden Bonus CD)
1. The Secret Of Jinsinson
2. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
3. My Family
4. Agents Of Multiverse
5. Ooh Child