UB40 - Present Arms (Deluxe Edition) (3CD)

UB40 - Present Arms (Deluxe Edition) (3CD)
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14 juli 2017
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Present Arms (Deluxe Edition) (3CD)
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CD 1
1. Present Arms
2. Sardonicus
3. Don't Let It Pass You By
4. Wild Cat
5. One In Ten
6. Don't Slow Down
7. Silent Witness
8. Lamb's Bread
9. Don't Walk On The Grass
10. Dr. X
11. Don't Slow Down (Extended Version)

CD 2
1. Present Arms In Dub
2. Smoke It
3. B Line
4. King's Row
5. Return Of Dr X
6. Walk Out
7. One In Ten (Present Arms In Dub Version)
8. Neon Haze

CD 3
1. One In Ten (BBC Live Version)
2. Present Arms (BBC Live Version)
3. Silent Witness (BBC Live Version)
4. Sardonicus (BBC Radio 1 Live Session)
5. Present Arms (BBC Live Version)
6. Tyler (BBC Live Version)
7. Food For Thought (BBC Live Version)
8. Don't Let It Pass You By (BBC Live Version)
9. Sardonicus (BBC Live Version)
10. One In Ten (BBC Live Version)
11. Madame Medusa (BBC Live Version)
12. Don't Slow Down (BBC Live Version)
13. Burdon Of Shame (BBC Live Version)
14. Don't Walk On The Grass (BBC Live Version)
15. Medley: I Think It's Going To Rain Today / Dream A Lie / My Way Of Thinking (BBC Live Version)