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Taxiwars - Artificial Horizon

Taxiwars - Artificial Horizon
15,50 €
Date de sortie: 
6 Septembre 2019
Commandé avant 17h30, livré chez vous le lendemain.

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Artificial Horizon

TaxiWars is back after a three-year hiatus with new album 'Artificial Horizon', a mix of lyricism, poetry and jazz with a rock sensibility.Reinventing themselves, Barman and Verheyen came up with something very fresh and personal, tastefully evolving from a cubistic jazz sound to a more melodious direction.


1 Drop Shot
2 Sharp Practice
3 Artificial Horizon
4 The Glare
5 Irritated Love
6 Infinity Cove
7 Safety in Numbers
8 Different or Not
9 They'll Tell You You've Changed
10 On Day Three