Sophia - As We Make Our Way (Live Recordings) (3LP)

Sophia - As We Make Our Way (Live Recordings) (3LP)
38,00 €
8 maart 2019

Limited triple vinyl release in cardboard box with cut out anchor logo.

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As We Make Our Way (Live Recordings) (3LP)
Tracklist Product: 

1. Unknown Harbours (Ghent)
2. Resisting (Ghent)
3. The Drifter (Ghent)
4. Don't Ask (Ghent)
5. Blame (Ghent)
6. California (Ghent)
7. St. Tropez / the Hustle (Ghent)
8. You Say It's Alright (Ghent)
9. Baby, Hold On (Ghent)
10. It's Easy To Be Lonely (Ghent)
11. So Slow (Luzern)
12. If Only (Luzern)
13. Oh My Love (Stockholm)
14. There Are No Goodbyes (Groningen)
15. The Desert Song No. 2 (Brussels)
16. Darkness (Brussels)
17. The River Song (Brussels)
18. Last Night I Had a Dream (Bruges)
19. Another Friend (Bruges)
20. Ship In the Sand (Ghent)
21. Razorblades (Utrecht)
22. Bad Man (Stockholm)
23. Bastards (Cologne)
24. I Left You (Le Mans)
25. Directionless (Rome)