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Sigur Ros - Variations On Darkness (LP)

Sigur Ros - Variations On Darkness (LP)
27,00 €
9 augustus 2019
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Sigur Ros
Variations On Darkness (LP)

<cite>Soundtrack to a series of choreographed performances from the Iceland Dance Company, originally commissioned for Sigur Rós’s Nordur og nidur festival at Christmas 2017. Choreographer Valdimar Johansson was granted access to unreleased Sigur Rós material, as well as multitracks of chosen songs from the band’s catalogue, and personally created a score of high Nordic drama. “The best thing we’ve done in ages,” said Jonsi on hearing Variations On Darkness for the first time.</cite>

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Tracklist Product: 

1. The Hungry Ghosts, We Live In an Old Chaos of the Sun
2. The Silence of Animals, the Truth is It Wanted To Cave In