Rock Candy Funk Party - Groove Cubed (2LP+Download)

Rock Candy Funk Party - Groove Cubed (2LP+Download)
24,00 €
20 oktober 2017

Rock Candy Funk Party = Joe Bonamassa, Renato Neto, Tal Bergman, Mike Merritt

Niet op voorraad, gemiddeld een week levertijd
Rock Candy Funk Party

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Groove Cubed (2LP+Download)
Tracklist Product: 

1. Gothic Orleans
2. Drunk On Bourbon On Bourbon Street
3. In the Groove
4. Don't Even Try It
5. Two Guys and Stanley Kubrick Walk Into a Jazz Club
6. Isle of the Wright Brothers
7. Mr Space
8. I Got the Feelin'
9. After Hours
10. This Tune Should Run For President
11. Mr Funkadamus Returns and He is Mad
12. Funk-O-Potamia
13. The Token Ballad
14. Ping Pong