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Ready Player One (OST By Alan Silvestri) (2CD)

Ready Player One (OST By Alan Silvestri) (2CD)
19,00 €
30 March 2018
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Ready Player One (OST By Alan Silvestri) (2CD)
Tracklist Product: 

1 The Oasis
2 Hello, I'm James Halliday
3 Why Can't We Go Backwards
4 An Orb Meeting
5 Real World Consequences
6 Sorrento Makes An Offer
7 Welcome To The Rebellion
8 High 5 Assembles
9 Orbof Osuvox
10 Sorrento Punked
11 Wade's Broadcast
12 Arty On The Inside
13 Looking For A Truck
14 She Never Left
15 Last Chance
16 Get Me Out Of This
17 Hold On To Something
18 This Is Wrong
19 What Are You
20 There's Something I Need To Do
21 Ready Player One - Main Title
22 Ready Player One - End Credits