The Passion of Charlie Parker

The Passion of Charlie Parker
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16 juni 2017
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Tracklist Product: 

1. MEET CHARLIE PARKER (vocal version of ORNITHOLOGY) 6:21 Chan‘s Overture
Featured Vocalist, Madeleine Peyroux
2. THE EPITAPH OF CHARLIE PARKER (vocal version of VISA) 3:55 The Funeral
Featured Vocalist, Barbara Hannigan
3. YARDBIRD SUITE (vocal version) 4:52 (Lyric by Charlie Parker) A Genius In His Youth
Featured Vocalist, Gregory Porter
4. SO LONG (vocal version of K.C. BLUES) 7:57 Exodus To New York City
Featured Vocalist, Jeffrey Wright
5. EVERY LITTLE THING (vocal version of BLOOMDIDO) 3:23 The Song Of The Acolyte
Featured Vocalist, Luciana Souza
6. CENTRAL AVENUE (Interlude) 1:29 A Dark Journey To Los Angeles
7. LOS ANGELES (vocal version of MOOSE THE MOOCHE) 4:19 The Dealer’s Song
Featured Vocalist, Kurt Elling
8. LIVE MY LOVE FOR YOU (vocal version of MY LITTLE SUEDE SHOES) 3:45 Chan’s Love Song
Featured Vocalist, Kandace Springs
9. FIFTY DOLLARS (vocal version of SEGMENT) 6:51 Angels and Demons
Featured Vocalist, Jeffrey Wright
10. KING OF 52ND STREET (vocal version of SCRAPPLE FROM THE APPLE) 3:40 Chan’s Declaration
Featured Vocalist, Melody Gardot
11. SALLE PLEYEL (Interlude) 1:02 The Journey To Paris
12. APRES VOUS (vocal version of AU PRIVAVE) 2:47 (Lyric by Camille Bertault) The Apotheosis Of Charlie Parker
Featured Vocalist, Camille Bertault

DONNY McCASLIN Tenor Saxophone / BEN MONDER Guitar / MARK GIULIANA Drums (track 3) / ERIC HARLAND Drums (all except track 3), Vibraphone (track 6) / SCOTT COLLEY Bass (all except 1, 9, 11) / LARRY GRENADIER Bass (track 1, 9 ) / CRAIG TABORN Piano, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Hammond B-3 Organ
All compositions by CHARLIE PARKER