Loving Vincent (OST by Clint Mansell) (LP)

Loving Vincent (OST by Clint Mansell) (LP)
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24 november 2017
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Mansell, Clint

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Loving Vincent (OST by Clint Mansell) (LP)
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1. The night cafe
2. The yellow house
3. At eternity's gate
4. Portrait of Armand Roulin
5. Marguerite Gachet at the piano
6. Still life with glass of absinth & a carafe
7. The painter on his way to work on the road to Tarascon
8. Five sunflowers in a vase
9. Wheatfield with crows
10. Thatched roofs in Chaponval
11. Blossoming chestnut trees
12. The sower with setting sun
13. Starry night over the Rhone