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Lotus Eaters - No Sense Of Sin

Lotus Eaters - No Sense Of Sin (cover)
14,00 €
24 mei 2010
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No Sense Of Sin
Lotus Eaters
Tracklist Product: 

1. German girl
2. Love still flows
3. Can you keep a secret?
4. Out on your own
5. Put your touch on love
6. Too young
7. Set me apart
8. You fill me with need
9. The first picture of you
10. Alone of all her sex
11. When you look at boys
12. Start of the search
13. You don't need someone new
14. Two virgins tender
15. My happy dream
16. The evidence
17. Endless
18. The lotus eaters
19. Out on your own (12" Version)
20. It hurts - there must be a taste of murder in it (12" Version)