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Little Simz - Stillness In Wonderland

Little Simz - Stillness In Wonderland
16,50 €
6 April 2017
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Stillness In Wonderland
Little Simz
Tracklist Product: 

1. Lmpd (Feat. Chronixx)
2. Cheshire's Interlude: Welcome To Wonderland
3. Doorways + Trust Issues
4. Her (Interlude)
5. One In Rotation + Wide Awake (Feat. Sir)
6. Shotgun (Feat. Syd)
7. Picture Perfect
8. Cheshire's Interlude: Misled
9. King of Hearts (Feat. Chip + Ghetts)
10. Bad To the Bone (Feat. Bibi Bourelly)
11. Zone 3 (Feat. Tilla, Josh Arci + Chuck20
12. Poison Ivy (Feat. Tilla)
13. Cheshire's Interlude: Stay
14. Low Tides
15. No More Wonderland
16. Our Conversations (Feat. Badbadnotgood) (CD Only Bonus Track