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Klone - Le Grand Voyage (LP)

Klone - Le Grand Voyage (LP)
Klone - Le Grand Voyage (LP)
24,00 €
20 september 2019
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Le Grand Voyage

In recent years, French atmospheric rockers Klone have built their name on making music that’s as deeply introspective as it is sonically powerful. They’re known for their trademark dark guitar tones and epic brooding soundscapes. They’ve performed in the UK with French metal titans Gojira, toured with Devin Townsend and landed support for Anneke Van Giersbergen. The new album ‘Le Grand Voyage’ turned bold sonic ambition, twisting dark guitars and electronic ambience into a modern masterpiece that feels excitingly new, yet in many ways feels like a contemporary take on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. They continue with making less heavy music than the first albums, but always stay dark, exciting and open-minded.