Isaacs, Gregory - Best Of (2CD)

Isaacs, Gregory - Best Of (2CD)
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24 februari 2017
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Isaacs, Gregory

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Best of (2CD)
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CD 1
1. Extra Classic
2. Mr. Cop
3. Slave Master
4. Going Downtown (Aka Rock This Ya Reggae Beat) Gregory Isaac
5. Hand Cuff Gregory Isaacs Aka Hey Mr. Babylon
6. Black Kill a Black (Black Against Black) Gregory Isaacs 12
7. Ba Da
8. Storm Gregory Isaacs Aka Jah Will Guide Us
9. Story Book Children
10. Loving Pauper (I'm Alright)
11. Too Late Gregory Isaacs 7" Mix
12. All I Have is Love Gregory Isaacs 1st Version
13. Looking Back
14. A Promise (is a Comfort To a Fool)
15. Be Yourself (Aka African Woman)
16. Set the Captives Free (Songs of Melody)
17. Babylon Too Rough
18. My Religion
19. Never Be Ungrateful Gregory Isaacs 12" Mix
20. Motherless Children Gregory Isaacs 12" Mix

CD 2
1. Rasta Business
2. Slave Driver Gregory Isaacs 12 Mix
3. Salary is Thin Gregory Isaacs Aka the Sun Shines For Me
4. Rock On
5. Love Light (Burning)
6. I Can't Give You My Love Alone
7. Don't Believe In Him
8. Oh No I Can't Believe
9. Warriors
10. Dance With Me
11. The End of the World
12. (Fly Away Little) Silver Bird
13. Beautiful Africa
14. Way of Life
15. Thief a Man
16. Village of the Underprivileged
17. Next To You Gregory Isaacs 12" Mix
18. Mr. Know It All
19. If You See My Mary Gregory Isaacs 7" Mix
20. You'll Never Know Gregory Isaacs 12" Mix