Inxs - Kick 30 (Limited) (3CD+Bluray)

Inxs - Kick 30 (Limited) (3CD+Bluray)
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17 november 2017
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Kick 30 (Limited) (3CD+Bluray)
Tracklist Product: 

CD 1: Kick Original Album Remastered
‘Guns In The Sky’
‘New Sensation’
‘Devil Inside’
‘Need You Tonight’
‘The Loved One’
‘Wild Life’
‘Never Tear Us Apart’
‘Calling All Nations’
‘Tiny Daggers’

CD2: Demos, Mixes & More
‘Move On’ [Guitar Version]
‘I'm Coming’ (Home)
‘Mediate’ [Live From America]
‘Never Tear Us Apart’ [Live From America]
‘Kick’ [Live From America]
‘On The Rocks’
‘Do Wot You Do’
‘Mystify’ [Chicago Demo]
‘Jesus Was A Man’ [Demo]
‘The Trap’ [Demo]
‘Guns In The Sky’ [Kick Ass Remix]
‘Need You Tonight’ [Mendelsohn Extended Mix]
‘Move On’

CD3: Additional Mixes & B-Sides
‘Never Tear Us Apart’ [Soul Version]
‘New Sensation’ [Nick 12” Mix]
‘New Sensation’ [Nick 7” Mix]
‘Devil Inside’ [Extended Remix]
‘Devil Inside’ [7” Version]
‘Devil Inside’ [Radio Edit]
‘Different World’ [12” Version]
‘Different World’ [7'' Version]
‘Need You Tonight’ [Big Bump Mix]
‘Need You Tonight’ [Ben Liebrand Mix]
‘Need You Tonight’ [Mendelsohn 7”Edit]
‘Guns in the Sky’ [Kookaburra Mix]
‘Calling All Nations’ [Kids On Bridges Remix]
‘Shine Like it Does’ [Live]

Kick mixed in Dolby ATMOS and High-definition Audio
Promo Videos
‘Guns In The Sky’
‘New Sensation’
‘Devil Inside’
‘Need You Tonight’
‘Never Tear Us Apart’
‘Kick’ [New 2017 promo]