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In Flames - Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg (BluRay+2CD)

In Flames - Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg (BluRay+2CD)
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23 september 2016
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Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg (BluRay+2CD)
In Flames
Tracklist Product: 

1. In Plain View (Live)
2. Everything's Gone (Live)
3. Fear Is The Weakness (Live)
4. Trigger (Live)
5. Resin (Live)
6. Where the Dead Ships Dwell (Live)
7. With Eyes Wide Open (Live)
8. Paralyzed (Live)
9. Through Oblivion (Live)
10. Ropes (Live)
11. Delight and Angers (Live)
12. Cloud Connected (Live)
13. Only for the Weak (Live)
14. The Chosen Pessimist (Live)
15. The Quiet Place (Live)
16. When the World Explodes (Live)
17. Rusted Nail (Live)
18. The Mirror's Truth (Live)
19. Deliver Us (Live)
20. Take This Life (Live)

CD 2
1. Delight and Angers (Live)
2. Cloud Connected (Live)
3. Only for the Weak (Live)
4. The Chosen Pessimist (Live)
5. The Quiet Place (Live)
6. When the World Explodes (Live)
7. Rusted Nail (Live)
8. The Mirror's Truth (Live)
9. Deliver Us (Live)
10. Take This Life (Live)