Ian Clement - Drawing Daggers

Ian Clement - Drawing Daggers (cover)
13,50 €
1 april 2013

Ian Clement is no stranger, as he is part of Belgian rock trio Wallace Vanborn. His solo work is something entirely different and far more intimate though – consider it to be his Mr. Hyde contrary to the Dr. Jekyll he unleashes in Wallace Vanborn.

Niet op voorraad, gemiddeld een week levertijd
Ian Clement

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Drawing Daggers
Tracklist Product: 

1. The explorer
2. The hammer and the nail
3. Little knife
4. Interview
5. A boy and a man
6. The great escape
7. Kissing the claw
8. Drowning in butter
9. At sea
10. Hidin'
11. The last overhaul
12. Healing bell