Harper, Ben - Live From Mars

Harper, Ben - Live From Mars (cover)
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1 april 2013
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Harper, Ben
Live From Mars
Tracklist Product: 

1. Glory & Consequence (Live)
2. Excuse Me Mr. (Live)
3. Alone (Live)
4. Sexual Healing (Live)
5. Woman In You (Live)
6. Ground On Down (Live)
7. Steal My Kisses (Live At Washington State/2001)
8. Burn One Down (Live)
9. Mama's Got A Girlfriend Now (Live)
10. Welcome To The Cruel World (Live)
11. Forgiven (Live)
12. Faded/Whole Lotta Love (Medley) (Live)

1. Waiting On An Angel (Live)
2. Roses From My Friends (Live)
3. Power Of The Gospel (Live)
4. Pleasure And Pain (Live)
5. Please Bleed (Live)
6. The Drugs Don't Work (Live)
7. In The Lord's Arms (Live)
8. Not Fire, Not Ice (Live)
9. Beloved One (Live)
10. Number Three (Live)
11. Walk Away (Live)
12. Another Lonely Day (Live)
13. Like A King/I'll Rise (Medley/Live)