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Ghostpoet - Shedding Skin

Ghostpoet - Shedding Skin
20,00 €
27 februari 2015
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Shedding Skin

‘Shedding Skin’ is the biggest and boldest album yet from an artist who has always stood apart from the sound-alikes. This is the beginning of the next phase for Ghostpoet, and a collection that sets a new precedent as his very best work yet, a dream record to accompany our journey through whatever hands were dealt, one day at a time.

- 3rd album by Ghost Poet
- ‘Be Right Back, Moving House’ feat. additional vocals by Paul Smith
- ‘Shedding Skin’ feat. additional vocals by Melanie De Biasio

Tracklist Product: 

1) Shedding Skin
2) Yes, I Helped You Pack
3) That Ring Down The Drain Kind Of Feeling
4) Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me
5) Better Not Butter
6) The Pleasure in Pleather
7) Nothing In The Way
8) Off Peak Dreams
9) X Marks The Spot
10)Be Right Back, Moving House