Gaye, Marvin - You're The Man (2LP)

Gaye, Marvin - You're The Man (2LP)
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29 maart 2019
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You're The Man (2LP)
Gaye, Marvin
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LP 1
1. You're the Man (Pts. I&Ii / Single Version)
2. The World is Rated X (Alternate Mix)
3. Piece of Clay (the Master 1961-1984"Version)
4. Where Are We Going ? (Alternate Mix 2)
5. I'm Gonna Give You Respect
6. Try It, You'll Like It
7. You Are That Special One
8. We Can Make It Baby

LP 2
1. My Last Chance ( Salaam Remi Remix)
2. Symphony (Salaam Remi Lp Mix)
3. I'd Give My Life For You (Salaam Remi Lp Mix)
4. Woman of the World
5. Christmas In the City (Lp Mix & Edit)
6. You're the Man (Alternate Version 2)
7. I Want To Come Home For Christmas (Lp Mix & Edit)
8. I'm Going Home (the Master 1961-1984"Version)
9. Checking Out (Double Dutch) (the Master 1961-1984"Version)