Franti, Michael & Spearhead - Stay Human II

Franti, Michael & Spearhead - Stay Human II
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25 januari 2019
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Franti, Michael & Spearhead

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Stay Human II
Tracklist Product: 

1. Little Things
2. Just To Say I Love You
3. Flower In the Gun (Feat. Victoria Canal)
4. Only Thing Missing Was You 2 (Feat. Hirie)
5. Stay Human 2
6. Summertime Won't Last Long
7. This World is So Fucked Up (But I Ain't Ever Giving Up On It
8. You're Number One
9. Enjoy Every Second (Feat. Agodess)
10. Nobody Cries Alone
11. Extraordinary
12. When the Sun Begins To Shine
13. Show Me Your Peace Sign
14. Take Me Alive