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Before the Flood (OST) (3LP)

Before the Flood (OST) (3LP)
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21 april 2017
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Before the Flood (OST) (3LP)

Invada announce the release of the original score to ‘Before The Flood’, a documentary serving as a call to action from long time environmental advocate Leonardo DiCaprio and director Fisher Stevens. Acting as music supervisors for the first time, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (‘The Social Network’, ‘Gone Girl’) worked in tandem with Gustavo Santaolalla (‘The Last Of Us’) and Mogwai to compose a blend of music with a cohesive vision.

Tracklist Product: 

1. Before The Flood
2. A Minute To Breathe
3. Between Two Poles
4. Dust Bowl
5. Thin Ice
6. And When The Sky Was Opened
7. Ghost Nets
8. Trembling
9. One More Step
10. Huaynaputina
11. At Dusk
12. Thin Ice Reimagined
13. Disappearing Act
14. The Melting Pot
15. 8 Billion
16. One Perfect Moment
17. A Minute Later
18. After The Flood