Fink - Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet (CD+BOOK)

Fink - Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet (CD+BOOK) (cover)
16,00 €
8 oktober 2012

Following his stunning 2011 album Perfect Darkness, Fink announces the release of the band’s much anticipated debut live album Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet documenting the mammoth Perfect Darkness Tour’. Composed of 13 previously unreleased live recordings from European cities as varied as Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, and London, the album is presented in an exquisite 84-page hardbound bookpack, featuring a treasure-trove of live photography by acclaimed Dutch photographers Tommy N Lance. The album will also be available on gatefold vinyl, and perfectly captures Fink’s ferociously inventive and impassioned live performances.

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Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet
Tracklist Product: 

1. Biscuits (Amager Bio, Copenhagen)
2. Perfect darkness (Unionchapel, London)
3. Fear is like fire (Koko, London)
4. Yesterday was hard on all of us (Paradiso, Amsterdam)
5. Blueberry pancakes (Wuk, Vienna)
6. Trouble's what you're in (Unionchapel, London)
7. Berlin sunrise (La Cagale, Paris)
8. Warm shadow (Epicerie Moderne, Lyon)
9. Honesty (La Cigale, Paris)
10. Wheels (Paradiso, Amsterdam)
11. This is the thing (Paradiso, Amsterdam)
12. Sort of revolution (La Cigale, Paris)
13. Pretty little thing (Meetfactory, Prague)