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Districts - You Know I'M Not Going Anywhere (LP)

Districts - You Know I'M Not Going Anywhere (LP)
25,50 €
20 March 2020
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You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere

After playing nearly 200 shows over two years in support of their 2017 album 'Popular Manipulations' The Districts bandleader Rob Grote and his longtime bandmates found themselves fatigued and disoriented as a group. Grote retreated to his bedroom and started writing with no objective other than to create. Free from expectations, and with an acoustic guitar, synthesizer, and drum machine at hand, he discovered a newfound creative freedom. 'While You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere' builds on preceding albums, it takes an ambitious leap to a new level, exhibiting a widened sense of experimentation and expansiveness at its heart. There’s Rhodes, Mellotron, strings, samples, drum machines, tape loops, Wurlitzer, ambient swells, piano, synthesizers; Grote lists 12 instruments next to his name alone. Credit also to Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, Spoon, MGMT), whose mix expertly layered all of the elements into a cohesive whole.

Tracklist Product: 

1. My Only Ghost
2. Hey Jo
3. Cheap Regrets
4. Velour and Velcro
5. Changing
6. Descend
7. The Clouds
8. Dancer
9. Sidecar
10. And the Horses All Go Swimming
11. 4th of July