Diamond, Neil - Gold (2CD)

Diamond, Neil - Gold (2CD)
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5 april 2005
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Diamond, Neil

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Gold (2CD)
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CD 1
1. Two-Bit Manchild (Single Version)
2. Brooklyn Roads (Album Version)
3. Shilo (Album Version)
4. Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show (Album Version)
5. Juliet
6. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind (Album Version)
7. Glory Road (Album Version)
8. If I Never Knew Your Name (Album Version)
9. Memphis Streets (Album Version)
10. Sweet Caroline (Single Version)
11. Mr. Bojangles (Album Version)
12. Smokey Lady (Album Version)
13. Holly Holy (Single Version)
14. Both Sides Now (Album Version)
15. And The Singer Sings His Song (Album Version)
16. Cracklin' Rosie (Single Version)
17. Coldwater Morning (Album Version)
18. Done Too Soon (Album Version)
19. He Ain't Heavy ... He's My Brother
20. Soolaimon (Album Version)

CD 2
1. I Am...I Said (Single Version)
2. The Last Thing On My Mind
3. Chelsea Morning
4. Crunchy Granola Suite (Single Version)
5. Stones (Single Version)
6. Suzanne
7. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today
8. Song Sung Blue (Single Version)
9. Porcupine Pie (Album Version)
10. Canta Libre (Album Version)
11. Captain Sunshine (Album Version)
12. Play Me (Album Version)
13. Walk On Water (Album Version)
14. Prelude In E Major (Album Version)
15. Morningside (Album Version)
16. Kentucky Woman (Live At The Troubador/1970)
17. Thank The Lord For The Night Time (Live At The Troubador/1970)
18. Solitary Man (Live At The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles/1972)
19. Cherry, Cherry (Live Single (1972/Greek Theatre))
20. Red Red Wine (Live At Greek Theatre, Los Angeles/1972)
21. Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon (Live At The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles/1972)