Costy, Rene - Expectancy (2CD+BOEK)

Costy, Rene - Expectancy (2CD+BOEK)
28,50 €
3 maart 2017

From the label that brought you the highly acclaimed compilation “Funky Chicken” and André Brasseur’s “Lost Gems From The 70’s”.

A reputed classical violinist and music teacher on the one hand, a curious jazz cat on the other. A business man and control freak, but an artist and free spirit as well.
Still, rather little is known about René Costy. Small wonder: the Belgian musician and composer was in many, if not all, respects a singular man. The lure of international show business was wasted on him and consequently, his name has remained a well-kept secret.
But cream always rises to the top. Some twenty years after his passing, his work – finally – goes global.
Moreover, this being a selection out of more than 400 tracks from a virtuoso, versatile and insatiable artist, it’s hard to underestimate the importance of this compilation, which focuses on Costy’s library music production from the 70’s.

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Costy, Rene

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Expectancy (2CD+BOEK)
Tracklist Product: 

CD1 (Grooves)
1. Ever Faithfull
2. Danger
3. Strange Dream
4. Automatisme
5. Scrabble
6. Right On The Nose
7. Ostinato Bass
8. NSS. One
9. Cue Joe
10. Danse
11. Activity n 1
12. Nothing To Declare
13. Emergency
14. Secret Mixture
15. Longuest Night
16. From Time To Time
17. Country Dance

CD2 (Scapes)
1. Schizophreny
2. Anxiety
3. Phantasmes
4. Machinery
5. Désolation
6. Activity 2
7. Angoisse
8. Cosmogony
9. Actuality 1
10. Barbara’s Dream
11. Expectancy