Clark, Guy - Best of the Dualtone Years (2CD)

Clark, Guy - Best of the Dualtone Years (2CD)
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3 maart 2017
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Clark, Guy

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Best Of The Dualtone Years (2CD)
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CD 1
1. Rain In Durango
2. Hemingway's Whiskey
3. My Favorite Picture of You
4. The Cape (Live)
5. If I Needed You
6. Maybe I Can Paint Over That
7. The Guitarl.A. Freeway (Live)
8. Out In the Parkin' Lot
9. The Randall Knife (Live)

CD 2
1. Magdalene
2. Homegrown Tomatoes (Live)
3. Cornmeal Waltz
4. El Coyotetornado Time In Texas
5. Dublin Blues (Live)
6. Just To Watch Maria Dance (Unreleased Demo)
7. The Last Hobo (Unreleased Demo)
8. Time (Unreleased Demo)