Alter Bridge - Live At the O2 Arena & Rarities (4LP)

Alter Bridge - Live At the O2 Arena & Rarities (4LP)
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8 september 2017
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Alter Bridge

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Live At the O2 Arena & Rarities (4LP)
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LP 1: Live
01. The Writing On The Wall SIDE A
02. Come To Life SIDE A
03. Addicted Pain SIDE A
04. Ghost Of Days Gone By SIDE A
05. Cry Of Achilles SIDE B
06. The Other Side SIDE B
07. Farther Than The Sun SIDE B

LP 2: Live
08. Ties That Blind SIDE C
09. Water Rising SIDE C
10. Crows On A Wire SIDE C
11. Watch Over You (Solo Acoustic) SIDE D
12. Isolation SIDE D
13. Blackbird SIDE D

LP 3: Live
14. Metalingus SIDE E
15. Open Your Eyes SIDE E
16. Show Me A Leader SIDE E
17. Rise Today SIDE F
18. Poison In You Veins SIDE F
19. My Champion SIDE F

LP 4: Rarities
20. Breathe SIDE G
21. Cruel Sun SIDE G
22. Solace SIDE G
23. New Way To Live SIDE G
24. The Damage Done SIDE G
25. We Don’t Care At All SIDE H
26. Zero SIDE H
27. Home SIDE H
28. Never Born To Follow SIDE H
29. Never Say Die (Outright) SIDE H
30. Symphony Of Agony (The Last Of Our Kind) SIDE H